HOEK AT HOME / A look into Bianca Jade's new stylish Brooklyn home

Located in East Williamsburg is Bianca Jade’s new modern and stylish duplex apartment. Bianca is a health and fitness TV and digital host. She moved to New York City 20 years ago and recently, moved with her fiancé to their new home in Brooklyn.
So, we decided to give Bianca a visit at her new place to learn more about Bianca, her career, her new home, and the inspiration behind designing her space.
Here’s how our conversation went:
So Bianca, what led you to become a TV host? 
So I got into what I do as kind of like a "happy accident". But I've always loved talking and vibing off people. So, I think it was like a natural progression that I would become a TV and digital host… People say I talk too much sometimes. So it bodes well for my career. But, I was a psych major in Cornell, and I love knowing how people think and function. So for me, being a host and interacting with people… It was part of my education, and it's something I love doing.
What type of genre of music are you liking at the moment?
At the moment? Okay. Generally, I love whisper rock, which this musician I dated, told me was what his genre of music. And it's like, quiet rock and roll, but like it's still like alternative rock and roll, you know, but it's like quiet. So, this kind of genre really lends itself to breakup songs, falling in love songs, and just like, overall anything having to do with a relationship. And I don't know - I love music about relationships. It doesn't have to be like I'm in love at the moment. I really like a good breakup song... Like Elliot Smith. 
And what are current TV shows that you’re binge watching?
I think I'm binging what everybody else is binging? I don't like reality even though my job happens in real time. So I feel like I should be obsessed with reality TV. I actually despise it. I'm all about documentary-style stuff. So, the Anna Delvey story. What did they call it? Inventing Anna? Tinder Swindler. I was like, it's crazy! But that's why I love these shows, because they're all about psychology and how people react to different situations ... So for me, I like the psychology behind human story, so anything related to a documentary or telling the story of someone's life. - And then the other one that's different is Ozark! 
So now, we are in the kitchen. Tell us about this part of your home. 
So right now, we are in my kitchen, and this is a really cool open kitchen space. Obviously, like this first floor, there's no walls. So, it just lends itself to like everything kind of like happening centrally around the kitchen… And I did months of researching to design my dream kitchen island. I wanted something large enough that if my entire family was here, we could all stand or sit around the kitchen island and you know, have champagne together, a glass of wine or like, you know, eat food together… And the other thing is that I cook a lot with my fiancé… A big kitchen can save a relationship! That's all I'm gonna say.
Did you have any sources of inspiration for this kitchen? 
So, when we decided to purchase this place, it already came with the blue cabinetry. And actually when I saw the listing, I was drawn to it. I love blue... And we actually decided to kind of create the color palette for the entire space based off the blue cabinets.
Shall we move on to the living room?
Yeah yeah! So, my living room is right, opposite the kitchen, and I'm all about minimalism, at least trying not to be so cluttered. So, we really just wanted to keep it open for a lot of movement. This is also Frida’s lounging area. I'll introduce you guys. Frida is our rescue Chihuahua. And really what she's doing is kind of like the intention of this space, we wanted a low profile couch that, you know, was just really about relaxing and chilling out. 
Is there anything else about your design aesthetic that you look to all the time in terms of inspiration for color palettes or decor?
So for the past 10 years, I've kept a notebook with these tears from magazines or photos that I really loved of vintage cars and of homes. And actually that was really it was kind of like a mood board for this place. And if I showed it, you would actually see some of the things in there that I've done here… I kept it for 10 years thinking one day I'm going to purchase my own home, and I need to be prepared. 
I guess it's been winter for a while, but have you been using the outdoor space at all?
So, today's actually the first day that I have opened these doors up, so it's really cool that you guys are here, because these are accordion style window doors. And they are probably the top reason why I bought this place… I had never seen anything like this before!
What other items in this home have you picked out?
So, this space has 24-foot ceilings, and right up here, we put this really funky chandelier, which has Edison bulbs…And they're not LED, they're like the real Edison bulbs. So, if I ever have to change those bulbs, I'm screwed.
What is your favorite spot in the house?
So, this is my office area and is probably my favorite spot here at home, because I do work from home primarily… And I love that it’s just a little nook here, and that it's right underneath this amazing work of art that my friend Peter Mannion did. And I just feel like it complements my Hoek Home desk perfectly. It's just really perfect.
And I see all these books next to your desk. Do you read a lot?
Yeah, I'm a book girl. And so having like a bunch of my favorite books that have influenced me throughout my professional life, but also my personal life. I feel, I don't know, it just feels right to have them right beside my desk.
And right here, do you use this Peloton bike a lot?
It's actually not a Peloton. No, no. Okay, so this is a Stride bike, and Stride bike is one of Peloton's competitors. And it's actually a brand that I work closely with. And so, they came to me like during the pandemic and they were like, Hey, do you want to partner? And I was like, I have always wanted a stationary bike! ... But yeah, like a lot of people are kind of anti-incorporating fitness equipment into their home. But being a health fitness and lifestyle host, it's part of my life. It's part of everything I do, even socially. So in my opinion, it is kind of a work of art. 
Shall we move on to another part of your place?
Let’s go upstairs! … ​​So, this is the second floor of my duplex, and really the apartment is kind of like a studio if you will, because there's no defined bedroom. It's all open. So, I love a very neutral palette… The wallpaper is a peel and stick wallpaper, and I never thought that it would actually work. My fiancé and I spent about four hours putting it up and it was so much fun.
Lastly, what are final factors that you take into consideration when designing your space?
When you live with a guy, as a woman, the thing you really have to be careful about is not to make your space overly feminine, because it's not really fair to them, you know? But we're trying to kind of like keep it neutral as well to make it a space where we both feel like it's ours together. 
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HOEK AT HOME / A look into Bianca Jade's new stylish Brooklyn home