Simon Jewett

Walking through NoMad during the weekdays you experience fast-paced energy as you watch the working professionals buzz around. In the evening, this area transforms, becoming a hub of food and nightlife.

Home to various restaurants, like the original Shake Shack, Eataly, Breslin, and the Hurricane Club, NoMad is an area that changes depending on the time of day. During the week, it is an area that feels professional and fast-paced. Don’t let that fool you, once the sun goes down and the weekend starts, NoMad’s energetic nightlife shows itself with great local places to eat and drink.

This week, we visited Lauren Lee. We got the opportunity to grab some dinner with her and learn more about her history, influences, and how she chooses to design and use her space.

Evan Preuss

  The Hoek Team is excited to announce that our YouTube Channel is in full swing. If you are interested in following our growth through 2021 please subscribe to our channel. We look forward to continuing to...

Evan Preuss

We are proud to announce that Hoek has been featured by Coolthings! We really enjoyed their perspective on our product and have a feeling that you will enjoy it as well. You can check out the...