Coffee Table

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This elegant, perfectly sized coffee table is a great companion for your sofa. The soft rectangular shape and low height make it perfect for entertaining friends or just taking it easy. 

Need more space in your living room to work out? Simply unclip the legs in seconds, click back into the chassis, and slide under your couch! 

Please allow for a 4 week lead time for your product to arrive. 

L 47.5" x W 20" x H 15"

Product Weight:
28 lb / 12.5 kg


Local, sustainably sourced wood top

Birch, or Walnut 

100% recycled HDPE plastic 

Black or White

4 Week Lead Time

Each piece is made to order by hand in our Brooklyn studio. We aim to provide the highest quality possible for each item that leaves the shop. It is because of these factors we require a lead time of approximately 4 weeks. We thank you for your understanding.


• Assembles in seconds
• Ultra-slim for easy storage
• Precision machined
• Hand-finished
• Made in Brooklyn, NY
• Local, sustainable materials
• No toxic glues
• Water based finishes
• 100% recycled plastic
• Circular design ethos

Customer Reviews

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Makes my house feel like a home!

Okay honestly this piece transformed my living room. It's a perfect height, doesn't get in the way of socialising. Has great surface area for serving snacks for friends and don't get me started on how amazing it is to put it all together with no tools. Honestly your search is over, buy this coffee table!!

Coffee table

Sturdy, modern, easy to assemble and clean.

Great concept, design, and craftmanship!!

I was wondering what to do with a coffee table that I don't usually need because I like to use a lot of space, but I really need it when I have guests over. When I saw the HOEK website and thought, "This is it!" and I ordered it. The table itself is beautiful and well made and I am very happy with the purchase. I will cherish and use it for a long time. My next purchase will be a desk.

Gwyneth Lee

Coffee Table

Ninaad Dave
Solid, Durable, Worth every penny

Stop looking for a coffee table and just buy this one. Not only is it easy to move, it is a great looking piece to tie together your living space. Other coffee tables require too many screws for assembly, are filled with cardboard and faulty compressed wood pulp, or just aren't quite functional. The rare intersection of form and function.


A. Sustainably Sourced Plywood

Surfaces are made using a sustainably sourced plywood with hardwood veneer.

B. High Density Poly Ethylene

Chassis and legs are created using 100% post consumer recycled food grade plastic.


Hoek embraces the concept of simplicity. Each Hoek box comes with 5 pieces. Hoek requires no tool and no hardware meaning you can construct any of our pieces with no headache.


Hoek furniture is designed to be assembled in seconds. With our patented system you will have ample time to do the things in your life that matter to you.

Learn more about the Hoek System

QUICK ASSEMBLY: Designed to be Assembled in Seconds. Each Hoek piece comes with just five separate parts making the construction process a breeze.

NO TOOLS REQUIRED: Hoek's design means that no tools or hardware are required in the assembly process.

FLAT PACK CHASSIS: Allows Hoek pieces to be stored away as one unit.

ONE CLICK ASSEMBLY: Patented One Click Assembly takes away the hassle of assembling furniture.


Hoek Furniture is designed by a small team of makers and designers based in Brooklyn, New York. All of our pieces are made entirely in the United States using precession machinery.

Find out more about the Hoek team

PREMIUM DETAILS: Our premium finishes make every piece feel precious. These finishes including: Beveled Edges, Filleted Corners, Glasslike Finish.

MADE IN NEW YORK: Each piece is made to order at our facility in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

PRECISION MACHINED: Every piece is precision machined allowing for .001" tolerances.

HAND FINISHED: Every piece is hand inspected, and hand finished ensuring the utmost quality.


At HOEK, we believe using sustainable materials doesn't mean having to compromise on quality or style. In fact, we believe it can mean better products for you and the environment. Our recycled plastic is more durable, easier to assemble, and creates a striking style that is unique to HOEK.

Find out more about the Sustainability

NO TOXIC GLUES: No hazardous glue is used in our products. Hoek products use soy-based adhesives.

RECYLCED MATERIALS: Hoek utilizes 100% post consumer materials in both the legs and the chassis.

WATER-BASED FINISHES: We avoid harsh sealants and only use water based finishes.

SUSTAINABLY SOURCED PLYWOOD: All wood in Hoek pieces comes from both locally and sustainably sourced plywood.


At Hoek we understand that a room sometimes needs to function as many. We make furniture that assembles in sections and stores away in almost any location. With Hoek even a studio apartment can accomplish every event in your life.

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Hoek vs Others

The Hoek difference is a clear one. Our product is packed with features that make it easy to use and a joy to own. Compare Hoek to its competition and you will see why we are so proud of it.

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