Round Coffee Table


The Hoek round coffee table is made from a combination of 100% post consumer HDPE and FSC certified Plywood. It is both the perfect addition to any home as well as a welcome change to the furniture supply chain.

Desk Dimensions: 34" x 34" x 15"


• Cable management beneath the surface
• Easy assembly and breakdown for convenient transport


L 60" x W 34" x H 30"

Table Weight:
49 lb / 22.5 kg

Weight Capacity:
150 lb / 68 kg

Sustainably Source Plywood
100% Post Consumer HDPE

What's in the Box

• Desk (Legs in Chassis)
• Instructional pamphlet
• Hoek Sticker Pack

Designed by Makers in the USA

Hoek Furniture is designed by a small team of makers and designers based in Brooklyn, New York. All of our pieces are made entirely in the United States using precession machinery.

Find out more about the Hoek team.

Developed to Make An Impact

Hoek Products are assembled in Red Hook, New York. They are made from sustainably sourced plywood and 100% post consumer HDPE plastic. At Hoek we aim to drastically reduce the waste tied to the traditional furniture industry by looking to establish a circular design strategy for all of our furniture parts.

Find out more about our sustainability efforts.

Engineered for Easy Assembly

Hoek furniture is designed to be assembled and disassembled in less time then it takes to make a cup of coffee. With our patented system you will have ample time to do the things in your life that matter to you. Disassembly is just as easy; so if your moving to a new nest or changing your studio apartment office to a dining room with Hoek its as easy as 1,2,3,4.

Learn more about the Hoek System.

Sustainability Efforts

Hoek aims to lessen our effect on the environment. By using 100% ethically sourced materials we make furniture you can feel good about.

One Click Assembly

Hoek Furniture can be assembled and disassembled with ease. With Hoek you can make your living room a dining room in seconds and transform it back again just as fast.

Made in the USA

If you tire of your Hoek piece send it back to us and we'll make sure it is recycled into a blank for a new piece.