Circular Design

HDPE is made from 100% post-consumer content. It comes from sources like recycled milk jugs. These discarded plastics are shredded into a pulp and compressed into a substrate suitable for milling. We mill the HDPE into Hoek furniture at our shop in Brooklyn, New York.  



If you decide to recycle your Hoek furniture, you can send the HDPE back to us. We will ensure the recycling process begins again. The returned legs and chassis are then re-shredded into a pulp. Which is compressed into a substrate that can be milled again. We can complete the recycling process up to 10 times without losing any strength in the final product 

To understand how we are contributing to the circular economy you must first understand the materials that are used in the manufacturing process of creating Hoek’s furniture… 



HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene)

It is the plastic that comprises the Hoek legs and chas-

sis. The HDPE that we use is made from 100% post co-

nsumer content, which comes from plastic bottles, milk

jugs, shampoo bottles, bleach bottles, cutting boards, a-

nd piping. These discarded plastics are then shredded i-

nto a pulp and compressed into a substrate suitable for milling.

We recycle your furniture

If something happens or you change your mind about wanting your Hoek Furniture. You can send the HDPE back to us and we will ensure the process begins again. Your returned legs are then re-shredded and are recycled to become different hoek products. This process of recycling the legs can be completed up to 10 times without losing any strength of the Hoek Plastic

Sustainably Sourced Plywood

We source our plywood from sustainably managed forests. You can rest assured that the manufacturers and harvesters meet the highest environmental and social standards. We are committed to maintaining the forests for future generations!

No Toxic Adhesives

No hazardous glue is used in our products. We use screws to ensure we can disassemble and recycle every single piece of Hoek furniture.

Water Based Finishes

We avoid harsh sealants and only use water-based finishes.