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And it's only at the end of each lease, when the creeping specter of moving makes each passing day darker, do I feel regret. Hoek's new and moving-friendly desk softens the blow.

- Will Price

During the breakdown of a piece of furniture, the legs can be clicked back into their storage compartment in the chassis once removed from the joint. It’s just so simple and convenient.

- Kelly Beall

Hoek is proof that it might start with materials, but true sustainability morphs into a product with the potential to last and ends with a closed cycle of circular production.

- Kieron Marchese

Made from Sustainably sourced Plywood and 100% post consumer HDPE

The Black Collection

understated Elegance

Hoek Stool / Side Table


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Sustainably Sourced Plywood

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Made in the USA

All Hoek products are produced at our facility in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

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